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Whether its a drum beat, cymbal crash, or sermon, quality sound matters.  Immerse your audience with a professionally designed and installed sound system.  Capture their hearts and minds with stimulating visuals.



Bob Stambaugh, System Designer

In 1989, Bob created Capitol Sound and Light Company.  Although the industry has changed much over the years, Bob has remained a leader in his field.  From analog, to digital, to the IP convergence of sound and video technologies, Bob has solidified our position at the podium.  


Today we have grown upon his vast knowledge of professional sound reinforcement, visual effects, video projection, and stage lighting to bring you an unparalleled experience on and off the stage.


Stage Sound and Lighting

Make sure your performance is seen and heard through the best quality in sound and lighting systems.

Empty Gym Hall

Field & Gymnasium Sound and Video

Ensure your team is ready to go by playing their favorite mix before the game.  Make sure you hear that call on the field whether you agree with it or not.

Church Windows

House of Worship Sound and Video

From the hymns in the balcony to the sermon at the pulpit, make sure even those who can't be there in person can enjoy the service through a live stream.


Senergy Managed Technology Services

Simplify your deployment and management of your systems with our managed services.  You focus on your mission goals, we will take care of the rest.

Design and Project Management

It begins with your vision.  Engage us now and take the first step to making it a reality.  We can assess, design, and see the installation through, down to the smallest detail.  

Sound Reinforcement

Every space and application is different.  There is a science to sharing your art.  We can help you fill the room with crisp, clear full range audio.

Large Displays and Video Projection

Seeing is believing.  Share your vision on the big screen.  From projectors to video walls, we have you covered.

Lighting and Lighting Controls

Whether you need dimming, or 16 million colors to choose from, we can help.  We deploy various lighting and lighting control systems tailored to illuminate your world.

Automation and Integration

Running the show is enough work in itself.  Simplifying the way you interface with your system, however large or small, is essential to your success.  We put you in control by integrating and automating the system from audio, video, power, and lighting control.  


Our Managed Services wrap all of the installation costs, training, support, and system upkeep into an easy monthly fixed cost.

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