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Systems should work together, share information and facilitate control of one another.  These systems should also integrate with you and your organization to automate for reliability, time savings, and energy savings.

We are specialists in various communications, security, controls, and audio/video systems.  If you are tired of “appliance” like systems, you’ve come to the right place.


Senergy is made up of highly technical people of various talents, all tightly bound by our passion to solve problems.  We take great pride in the solutions we create, which are vetted meticulously down to the smallest detail.  


Brandon Keafer, P.E., RCDD. 


Leading our technology division, Brandon has 20+ years in the industry with expertise in engineering and design, programming, installation, project management, and organizational leadership.  Through is leadership, Senergy has become Central Illinois's premier integrator in the solutions we provide.

Courtyard of  Hospital

Healthcare Facilities

The health and safety of your patients and staff is mission critical.  Augment your buildings and security management teams by partnering with Senergy.


Municipality and Law Enforcement

Empower your community, public works and law enforcement agency to provide better city management and security for your residents.


K-12 and Higher Education

Create a safe and efficient environment for your faculty and staff so you can focus on what matters most.


Senergy Managed Technology Services

Simplify your deployment and management of your systems with our managed services.  You focus on your mission goals, we will take care of the rest.


Don't see a system you need?  We are design builders and project managers first.  Our expertise in electrical, security, alarms, audio/visual, mass notification, intercom, paging, public address, and network infrastructure makes Senergy the best choice for managing your technology project.  Learn more about the systems we provide below.

Video Surveillance

Deploy real time monitoring and investigative tools giving users the means of protecting students, employees, visitors, and property.

Access Control

Eliminate the hassle and insecurity of traditional keys while tracking who is coming and going. Our advanced access control systems allow for ease of management and provide an important additional level of security to your facility.

Intrusion Detection

Incorporate intrusion detection and monitoring as an extension of our unified security platform.  

Paging & Intercom Systems

Improve internal communication and provide more efficient communication with public address and paging solutions.

Conferencing Solutions

Share ideas and collaborate efficiently by incorporating BYOD connectivity, sound reinforcement, display management, lighting and shade controls, and automation to kick off a meeting at the touch of a button.  

Audio Visual

Indulge your senses with earth-shaking sound designed and tuned perfectly to your space.  Step into the rest of visual spectrum by adding DMX control of lighting and capture hearts and minds with video projection and visual effects.

Network Infrastructure

Virtually all technology in today’s world communicates via the converged IP distribution network.  Senergy maintains certifications for many top tier manufacturers.  We are BICSI certified with RCDD's on staff.


Are you concerned about how you will finance your project?  Are you unsure of your organization's ability manage or maintain a new system?

Our Managed Services wrap all of the installation costs, training, support and system upkeep into an easy, monthly, fixed-cost.  All designed to keep you focused on what matters while we take care of the rest.

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