Structured cabling & communications

Data Networks and Fiber Optics: Installation, Testing and Certification

Virtually all technology and security systems in today’s world communicate via the converged IP distribution network. To meet the high demands of applications utilizing this infrastructure, proper design and installation techniques must be strictly followed. Senergy Technologies maintains certifications for many top tier manufacturers and works closely with our in-house professional design team on every project to ensure a world class deployment.

Safety & security

Security and Intrusion Detection

Senergy Technologies provides perimeter and interior access control with garage arms, gate slider motors, entry door motors, and all types of entry systems like Prox readers, barcode readers, key pads, and entry loops.

CCTV and video surveillance

Live and recorded video systems offer real time investigative tools giving their users the means of protecting employees, visitors, facilities, and limiting their liability. Far beyond simple video recording and storage systems, the current technology allows integration of access control, intrusion detection, duress, digital signage, and more. This provides a seamless user experience and offers the owner an opportunity to significantly lower their cost.

Technology refresh recommendations

​All technology systems require on-going hardware and software refreshing, upgrades, and user re-training for their proper operation. Senergy Technologies has developed unique annual technology and knowledge refresh contracts specifically designed to ensure the owner attains the maximum value for their investment. Employee turnover, technology obsolescence, and hardware failures cause the typical deployment to lose significant value in the first year of service alone. Our program mitigates this loss and encourages training with all necessary parties, such as outside first responders, to ensure maximum value of all systems.