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Security is in a constant battle with convenience.  That's where we come in.  

Security systems should work together, share information and facilitate control of one another.  These systems should also integrate with you and your organization to automate for reliability, time or energy savings.

We are specialists in various communications, security, controls, and audio/video systems.  If you are tired of “appliance” like systems, you’ve come to the right place.



Stephen Beckwith, Chief Systems Engineer


Stephen has 15+ years of experience in electrical construction and technologies as an IBEW electrician, technician, programmer, designer, and project manager.  His focus is unified security platforms, in which he pushes boundaries and breaks the barriers of disparate systems.  Every security solution we provide is deployed under his watchful and meticulous eye.  It is through his expertise and leadership that Senergy has become the Central Illinois leader in unified security technologies.


Looking to get the most of your technology investment? This is where we come in. Fitting the pieces together to make sure your systems are unified, we can create synergies between your systems to establish a safer and more efficient environment. We can create a customized system integration that works for you.  

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CCTV & Video Surveillance

Deploy real time monitoring and investigative tools giving users the means of protecting student,  employees, visitors, and property.

Access Control

Eliminate the hassle and insecurity of traditional keys while tracking who is coming and going. Our advanced access control systems allow for ease of management and provide an important additional level of security to your facility.

Intrusion Detection

Incorporate intrusion detection and monitoring as an extension of our unified security platform.  

Paging & Intercom Systems

Improve internal communication and provide more efficient communication with public address and paging solutions.


Our Managed Services wrap all of the installation costs, training, support and system upkeep into an easy monthly fixed cost.

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